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This day and age, there are literally thousands of web designers - most marketing themselves on the Internet trying to persuade you to place your website design in their hands. Which website designer should you choose? What knowledge should your web developer have? Are they able to host and market your website?

There are many website design and web development companies based both here in Canada as well as around the world. While many are reputable and professional, you still need to choose wisely. A good website design can be the most inexpensive and effective marketing tool for your company when managed correctly.

Below are a handful of really good reasons to choose Digital Diamond Web Media as your Vancouver website design, web development, website hosting and web marketing solutions provider.

♦ Our Website Designers, Developers + Marketers Are Seasoned Professionals

The concept behind DDWM involved developing a network of exceptional web professionals with strong business backgrounds and a level of personability unrivaled in the industry.

Digital Diamond Web Media has since successfully grown into an affordable, full service Vancouver web design, web-site hosting and website marketing network comprised of highly skilled professionals servicing both private and public companies throughout British Columbia - from Vancouver and Greater Vancouver to Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast to the Okanagan and Kootenays.

Our seasoned website design and development professionals listen carefully to your needs, and know what questions to ask in order to ensure we meet your specific business goals.

♦ Digital Diamond Web Media's Team Is Fully Comprised Of Vancouverites

The majority of our Vancouver web development and website marketing professionals were born and raised right here. We feel we have a vested interest in ensuring Vancouver and Greater Vancouver businesses succeed at the forefront of the Internet. Your success is ultimately our success.

As a result, we are increasingly becoming Vancouver and Greater Vancouver's chosen specialists in merging the grace of professional graphic arts, the intricacies of business communications and the wonder of web technologies into a successful online venture for our clients.

We do not outsource any of our website design or web development work overseas - none. Rest assured, we're available, accessible and local. Given the nature of our business model and resulting low overhead, we're often able to meet or beat outsourced projects, and you benefit knowing you're supporting your local economy.

♦ Building Websites Focused On Clients' Needs Today + Tomorrow

When designing and developing clients' websites, one of the most important principles adhered to is modular design, a fundamental principle of scalablity.

All websites we design and develop are built to ensure when your website begins to attract a much larger audience, its different components can easily be separated to apply resources as needed and where needed. Some of the typical components separated when scaling a website include media, images and static files, database server, mail server, website front-end and its back-end or control panel. As your website grows, it is regularly monitored and profiled to determine exactly where bottlenecks appear in order to deal with them more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to reviewing and addressing your current needs, we also look to your future vision and long-term website goals to determine which solutions will best meet your needs. This includes determining whether certain open source solutions would best serve you and your business, or if a custom web application would better suit your project's objectives.

♦ Not Only Do We Build Successful Websites, We Give Them Homes

Once built, your website will need to be hosted on a web server so the general public may access it quickly and easily via the World Wide Web.

As a value-added service for our clients, Digital Diamond Web Media looks after all of your managed hosting requirements - from domain name registration and renewal to email solutions to SSL certificate procurement and installation to uploading and updating your website as required.

Alternatively, should you already have a web hosting solution in mind, or you're hosting your new website on your own servers, we can easily work with your existing team and infrastructure while supplementing any additional services you may require.

♦ If You Build It, Will They Come?

So, you have a fantastic looking website. It's fully functional and has all the latest bells and whistles. You've made sure to secure a good domain name, proper web hosting and email management, and have everything set-up and tested. It's now time to unleash your website to the world and let everyone know you've arrived!

Put our proven Vancouver web marketing solutions to work for your business.

Contact our Vancouver website professionals to find out how we can help your online business today - call 604.540.2348 or send us an email!