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Over the years, you begin to hear some of the same questions being asked and the same answers being given.

To help with some of the more common questions right away, we've included our FAQ archive below.

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  • What does 'web application' mean?

    Simply put, a web application is a program, which runs on the web. Typically interactive, web applications accept input from the user or visitor, process the input, and display or return results. Web applications usually have a multi-tier architecture and use technologies such as PHP, XML, and database connectivity to perform the processing and contain the data.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
  • What web programming languages and technologies do we use?

    PHP, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, XML, DHTML, Flash Actionscript, AJAX, and JSON are some of our selected tools of the trade. We predominantly develop on the LAMP platform - Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
  • What is eCommerce and eBusiness?

    eCommerce is a general term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information and funds across the Internet. This covers a range of different types of eCommerce websites ranging from consumer-based retail sites or auction and music sites to business exchanges trading commodities or services between corporations. eBusiness is slightly more complicated than eCommerce, typically involving more sophisticated business and data transactions between suppliers, vendors or partners.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
  • Can you have eCommerce integrated into your existing website?

    Yes, you certainly can. For ecommerce websites, we always use Secure Servers (SSL) which employ the latest encryption methods to ensure your customers can buy from you website safely and securely. Should you require real-time transaction processing, we can integrate your ecommerce platform to virtually any payment gateway provider like BeanStream, PayPal or whichever third party you wish to use.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
  • How can you accept credit cards on your website?

    There are a number of different solutions available to you, but there are essentially only two primary methods of accepting credit cards. The first method is where you use your own pdq. card machine and process the card payment yourself. The second method uses an online clearance company. Once we determine which method you prefer to use, we can design your website accordingly.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
  • Do we use any open source solutions?

    We certainly do, when it makes sense. Should you be looking for a simple content management system, we may suggest using WordPress as a solution so you can update your website any time you wish. When your needs involve product catalogues and ecommerce transactions, we may suggest Magento or osCommerce as your backbone of choice. Should your business requirements be more sophisticated, we welcome the challenge to develop your custom web application. We realize every business is unique - in all its possible forms. Unique solutions simply aren't available 'off-the-shelf'.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
  • Is there anything wrong with template sites?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with template sites. They provide a quick solution, if this is what you're after. Should you not mind your website looking similar to various others on the internet, free template sites may very well be your best solution. However, if you you hold your business' image and brand identity in high esteem, you'll likely want to consider a more unique, custom website design allowing you to stand out of the crowd rather than blend in.

    CATEGORY: Web Development
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