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Online advertising covers a variety of different online media channels ranging from banner advertising on social media platforms to text ads next to search engine results pages to display ads in ezines and email newsletters.

♦ What Is A 'Display Ad'?

For the purposes of the Internet, display ads are graphical advertisements, which appear next to content on web pages, IM applications, email, etc. Display ads come in a wide variety of standardized ad sizes from rectangles and pop-ups to banners, badges and buttons to skyscraper ads, and can include text, logos, pictures, and more recently, rich media.

Rich media, or interactive multimedia, is enhanced media which uses a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactive content to attract active participation from the display ad recipient. You've likely already seen display ads which involve the ad recipient by using a pencil, a ball or a toy gun, and having them draw towards, score against or shoot a predefined target.

♦ What Is A 'Banner Ad'?

A banner ad is a form of display advertising on the Internet, which entails embedding a graphical advertisement into a web page or email and attracting traffic to a website by linking the banner ad to the advertiser's website. Banner ads are usually delivered by a central ad server to keep track of campaign metrics and other data.

♦ What Is A 'Text Ad'?

A text ad is a form of web-based display advertising, which involves a combination of written text and hyperlinks directed towards the advertiser's website. There are three important elements to text ads:

Depending on the ad server chosen, text ads may provide supplementary benefits to search engine marketing, and can be considered advantageous when compared to image or rich media advertising alternatives.

♦ Where Do These Display, Banner or Text Ads Get Placed?

One of the most effective ways of getting your ad in front of millions if not billions of eyes is through ad networks. Selecting the right ad networks can make all the difference when gauging the success of any advertising campaign.

Banner ad networks simply act as brokers between advertisers and publishers. Like banner exchange programs, they take care of placing an advertiser's banner ads and tracking all activity related to that ad.

♦ Why Use Our Vancouver Display, Text or Banner Ad Marketing Services?

Unless you have an in-house media or creative design team in your marketing department, or you already have your digital marketing collateral at the ready, you'll likely want to look into our copy-writing services as well as our Flash design or graphic design services.

While we have your digital marketing collateral being readied for distribution, our display ad marketing team begins reviewing the various ad networks, determing and selecting those which are most suitable for the geographic and demographic audience being targeted.

Once your display ad campaign has been launched, it's time to begin measuring the results and impact. In addition to each ad network's proprietary campaign metrics, we also integrate open source traffic analytics software to help confirm click-thrus, determine campaign and ad effectiveness and monitor traffic patterns.

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