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At Digital Diamond Web Media, your Vancouver Flash design team is no stranger to incorporating multimedia animation into our Vancouver website design projects. This typically involves pushing Adobe Flash to its limits.

Flash animation and design can be a great asset for any website. Used appropriately, it can attract and captivate visitors, and is able to help tell a story better than simple, static graphics. On the other hand, excessive or improper use of Flash design and animation can hinder a website's ability to rank well with search engines, completely detract from the intended delivery of your online message, or even cause website visitors to leave the website in frustration.

♦ What Is Adobe Flash?

Flash is a multimedia authoring tool used to create engaging distributed content such as web applications, games, animations and movies, as well as content for mobile phones and other embedded devices.

Since being introduced in 1996, Flash technology has become the accepted standard for incorporating animation and interactivity into web pages. Flash animation is frequently utilized in the creation of animated menu systems, advertisements, header animations, and a variety of other website components.

Integrating multimedia animation and design provides a means to enhance a website visitor's experience through interactive content which employs sound, motion and graphics. Adobe Flash has also proven to be an effective branding and online marketing and communications tool. Multimedia-based advertisements are commonplace on the web today.

It's also been employed to integrate video into web pages and develop rich web-based applications. Some examples would include YouTube and Vimeo. Adobe Flash also offers scripting capabilities and server-side connectivity for creating engaging online database applications coupled with intricate interface designs.

♦ How Can Our Vancouver Flash Designers Help Your Business?

Imagine the impact your Greater Vancouver or Vancouver Island web design concept would have by incorporating low-bandwidth corporate + 3D product Flash animations in your static or brochure web design, dynamic or database driven web design or, for that matter, your eCommerce web design.

Typical applications for Flash animation and design technology include:

A few things to keep in mind when employing Flash animations, your website should include Flash with care and by a knowledgeable website design team.

♦ What You Should + Shouldn't Do With Flash Animation + Design

Often times, our Vancouver Flash design team has encountered websites which were comprised of 100% Flash content. Or, several pages would have virtually the same 100% Flash content embedded within it with only a select few text or image changes, yet requiring the re-caching of each and every page - a poor, ill-informed and overhead-intensive implementation of an otherwise great online animation technology.

Even today, search engines still have a tough time parsing Flash animation files to determine the nature of the content. And with the rise of mobile device usage, some sites' Flash content won't even show up on Apple's iPod and iPad platforms. An alternative, or secondary, website would be mandatory to target effective search engine marketing efforts and deliver mobile device accessibility.

♦ How Does Our Vancouver Flash Design + Animation Team Differ?

Our Vancouver Flash designers have been working with this multimedia technology for years. We've created header animations, which, upon completion, had the same file size or less as comparable static images and graphics of the same dimension.

We've designed Flash advertisements for small business and large corporations alike. We've developed intricate, database-driven animated menu systems for both simple and complex websites. And, more importantly, we know the pros and cons of employing Flash when it comes to search engines and website marketability.

In keeping with the knowledge and experience garnered over the years, our Vancouver Flash designers develop custom-designed Flash elements you need to make a lasting visual impression on your web site without eliminating the essentials which are crucial to your future marketing success.

To explore your options further, contact us to find out how we can help your online business today - call 604.540.2348 or send us an email!