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Our emphasis on Vancouver web application hosting stems from our roots as a consulting and web application development firm. The pressure to improve performance and provide better customer service is a driving force. With budget cuts and less capital available to invest in applications, the time is right to make a change.

Our web application hosting services allow you to improve delivery while containing costs and reducing risks.

♦ What Kind of Web Application Hosting Environment Do We Provide?

With our web application hosting service, you can leverage leading open source applications, which help reduce your time-to-market, boost customer satisfaction without the usual upfront infrastructure costs, and relieve the pain associated with implementation and management headaches.

Our web application hosting service provides a perfect environment for dynamic or database-driven websites, created specifically for hosting open source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and CMS Made Simple as well as the custom built LAMP-based web applications we design and develop for our clients. Our custom Vancouver web development projects are created using MySQL in combination with server-side scripting languages such as PHP and/or Perl and other web technologies such as DOM, XML and XSL.

Our web application hosting environment continues to serve our clients well, providing the functionality and scalability needed to accommodate existing business demands while remaining flexible enough to meet and exceed future website hosting requirements.

♦ Details About Our Vancouver Web Application Hosting Package

Our managed web application hosting package includes all the necessary tools required to successfully host, maintain and manage your Vancouver website.

The following standard features are common to all of our Vancouver website hosting packages:

Our managed Vancouver web application hosting package provides powerful, reliable hosting in an affordable, feature-rich package, further including the following package-specific features

Our servers can also support a wide range of dynamic web technologies such as CGI, Perl and PHP and can be quickly combined with one or more MySQL databases. These features combined give our Vancouver web hosting clients the ultimate in power, cost-effectiveness and flexibility needed for their online business to thrive.

quarterly annually
$78 $290

♦ Benefits of Using Our Vancouver Web Application Hosting Services

For well over a decade now, our Vancouver web application hosting team has witnessed several of our Vancouver website hosting clients experience their best years in business following the transfer of their website to our hosting services. Our Vancouver clients' businesses continue to grow, and cotninue to confirm our team was instrumental in helping them achieve the level of success and security they enjoy today.

Contact our Vancouver web application hosting team for more information on how we can help your online business today — call 604.540.2348 or email us!