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» Vancouver Domain Name Registrations + Renewals

Our Vancouver web hosting services start off by providing our Vancouver web hosting clients with the best in managed domain name services from registration to domain record editing to annual domain name renewals.

Call it a website address, an URL, or a domain name, it's the cornerstone of your web presence. Letting our Vancouver domain management team manage your domain (or domains) puts you in charge - simply contact us whenever you need a change and let us look after the technical details.

♦ What Is A 'Domain Name'?

Domain names are labels, which provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses. Translating these numeric addresses to alphabetical domain names allows Internet users to visit and remember web sites more easily and more rapidly as we tend to recall words easier than sequences of numbers.

A good domain name can make a world of a difference to your future Vancouver web marketing efforts. Take a moment or two to think about the nature of your business and choose a descriptive domain name, one which might include the type of product or service you're offering.

♦ Vancouver Domain Name Renewal Services

Should you have transferred your domain name to us or registered your domain with us originally, you will receive three notifications from us regarding your upcoming domain name renewal - one 60 days prior to expiry, then another 30 days prior, and finally one more notification 5 days prior to expiry. Unless you respond and indicate otherwise, we will re-register your domain name and invoice your account, automatically renewing your domain on your behalf.

♦ Free Vancouver Domain Name Transfers

Should you currently hold a domain with another domain registrar why not have your domain and hosting renewals both on one invoice? The process is simple. We'll renew your domain for a year, then we'll transfer your domain name from your current domain registrar over to us to help manage it on your behalf!

♦ Making Good Use of Our Vancouver Domain Management Services

We can develop a custom web application to meet almost any business need. The applications we develop are designed to be highly functional, yet easy to understand and use. And, we also offer training and support for our clients with respect to the use and management of their web applications.

Over the last decade, our Vancouver domain management team has helped countless Vancouver website hosting clients experience their best years in business following the transfer of their website to our hosting centers. Our Vancouver domain management clients continue to use our trusted service, and have mentioned from time to time that our Vancouver website hosting services are the last thing on their minds.

Contact our Vancouver web development team for more information on how we can help your online business today — call 604.540.2348 or email us!