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Creating a successful website begins with a solid web development strategy, one based on expertise and experience. Working with your Vancouver, Greater Vancouver or Vancouver Island company to understand its market and its business goals, Digital Diamond Web Media's Vancouver web development team leverages years of experience in web development and custom web application design to develop and deliver a professional website that precisely fits your company's image, needs and objectives.

♦ Developing Websites With Scalability In Mind

Most Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island businesses experience growth, and our Vancouver web development team capitalizes on numerous web technologies to accommodate this growth in our web development projects. When your company grows, our web development projects are created to be flexible, and to grow with your business. Navigation elements are easily expanded, pages are easily inserted, product catalogues are effortlessly added to.

♦ What Tools Are Used To Develop Your Website?

Our Vancouver web development projects are created using open source technologies such as MySQL or PostGreSQL databases in combination with server-side scripting languages such as PHP and/or Perl and other web technologies such as DOM, XML, XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP, etc.

This combination of open source technologies allows for the functionality and scalability required to accommodate existing business demands as well as keeping an eye out for future website requirements.

♦ What Can Be Done With Your Existing Website?

A website design starting out using HTML alone is rather inflexible when it comes to business growth. Imagine witnessing excellent search engine results for your website, and the traffic you're getting online is continuously increasing your sales. New staff need to be hired, and more products are added to the line to meet customer demand. Now your 10 or 15 page HTML website needs 40, 60 or hundreds of pages to accommodate your business' growth.

Keeping up with all of the pages in HTML without spending a laborious amount of time and an excessive amount of money on the process is virtually impossible. It's time to move from web design to website development, integrating scripting languages and one or more databases to accommodate your businesses growth.

Having learned from experience years ago, it's simply smarter and more cost-effective in the long run for your Vancouver, Greater Vancouver or Vancouver Island business to begin a web development project with a design, a scripting language and a database that will provide you with the flexibility necessary to simplify future business growth right at the onset.

♦ Our Vancouver Content Management Solutions

Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island businesses, large and small, count on Digital Diamond Web Media to provide web development solutions for simple business challenges such as communication, or more complex requirements such as shopping carts, news syndication, online customer loyalty programs and business process automation.

Initially, it's quite possible an implementation of an open source solution such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla content management systems may be the prefect fit. These content management systems typically allow for far more direct control over your content and its distribution, should you wish to be more hands-on.

For more complex applications, our Vancouver web development team is quite capable of developing custom website solutions for clients ranging from fully integrated content management tools, contact management database and interactive newsletters to online project management tools and sales management tools to budget reporting and automated order processing and fulfillment systems.

♦ Benefits of Using Our Web Development Services

We can develop a custom web application to meet almost any business need. The applications we develop are designed to be highly functional, yet easy to understand and use. And, we also offer training and support for our clients with respect to the use and management of their web applications.

Over the last few years, our Vancouver web development team has witnessed several of our Vancouver web development clients experience their best years in business following the completion of their web development projects. They took the risk to hire our team of Vancouver web development professionals and it paid off in spades. These Vancouver businesses continue to grow, and have confirmed that our Vancouver web development team was instrumental in helping them achieve the level of success they enjoy today.

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