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Is it high time your Vancouver business had an online presence? Are you just starting a new business and would like a website? Then a basic or brochure website design may be just what your Greater Vancouver business may need!

A basic, or brochure, website may be considered the least expensive of all website design options. Even though our basic Vancouver website design services are quite economical, our final product remains highly professional and well designed.

♦ What Exactly Is Meant By The Term "Brochure Website"?

Have you heard the term "brochure website" being thrown around and weren't completely certain what it means? A brochure website is a way of describing a standard, non-dynamic, static, or basic website design.

In essence, brochure websites contain the information you would find in a company brochure - thus the label as it is the nearest "real world" marketing collateral this type of basic website design can be compared to. A brochure website is usually 2 to 4 pages in size, providing general company information, an overview of you Vancouver business' products or services, and contact information.

♦ Is A Basic Website The Right Choice For Your Vancouver Business?

At Digital Diamond Web Media, we understand that not every website requires considerable functionality. We also fully appreciate that small and home-based business owners may have a more limited budget to work with, and yet, recognize the value of having a website presence.

The content of a basic website is not database-driven. Nor does it involve a shopping cart or content management system. It typically does not contain any considerable dynamic content, involves very few graphics and is very "light" in design. At the very least, it should contain your logo and written copy with some basic colours, navigation links and a stylized background.

This basic website design enables your business to put up an online brochure comprised of a few pages without the inherent costs associated with more complex website designs such as shopping cart and ecommerce sites, dynamic multimedia, content management systems, complex forms and the like.

The good news is your website can easily be expanded in the future. In fact, a basic website design may be the perfect first step in determining how your online presence should evolve to accommodate your business' future growth and needs.

♦ What Do Our Vancouver Basic Website Design Services Entail?

Digital Diamond Web Media places the same care and consideration into our brochure website clients' projects as we do with our ecommerce websites, application development, web marketing or branding projects.

To keep your costs down, we suggest you supply all written copy as well as your logo. Often, an existing company brochure and a digital copy of your logo is all we need to get started. Should you not have a logo, we do provide professional graphic design services. And, if you're concerned about copy-writing for the web, we're able to assist you in that department as well.

Your website won't be built from any cookie-cutter templates or any previously used design. We design from scratch and will revise the website to meet your expectations. To make matters easier, we can also furnish you with basic email and web hosting services for a negligible annual fee. And to get you started on the right foot, we'll also submit your new website to all major search engines.

For more information on our Vancouver basic website design services, call 604.540.2348 or email us today!