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Lackluster website copy which fails to invoke emotions, tell compelling stories, create vivid mental imagery, and excite prospects about your product or service is one of the most common reasons websites fail.

♦ Writing Effective Web Copy

Writing really good, effective website copy involves a diverse range of skills.

You need to ...

It has become a veritable art to find the exact optimum balance between all of these factors.

For over a decade, Digital Diamond Web Media has refined our Vancouver website copy-writing and content development skills. Conducting preliminary keyword research, examining competition analysis reports, using sound online writing strategies and implementing white-hat content optimization, topical research and audience profiling, our Greater Vancouver clients have gained considerably more attention than ever expected.

♦ Top Tips For Writing Good Website Copy

Effective website copy-writing begins with doing our homework on your company's business philosophy, your products and/or services and your website goals. Then we target the most engaging and compelling words and phrases to drive clients' audiences from curiosity into action.

00 - Keep It Simple, S.....

On the web, less is nearly always more when it comes to website copy-writing. Write your website copy for the impatient, nomadic visitor. Eliminate pompous words and idioms. Effective online writing is not about impressing the reader with your extensive vocabulary or verboseness. It's about communicating. Use short, simple words. Get to the point. Then stop.

01 - Ask Your Audience.

People typically tend to identify with others who are just like them. Use this to your advantage in your website copy-writing! As long as you're using the right words in the right context, your customers will listen and connect with someone just like them who, from their perspective, is able to help them. Asking your audience can be a great way of connecting with your readers and site visitors.

02 - It's All About YOU!

Write for your reader, in a conversational tone, not for your ego. One of the most powerful words in the English language is "YOU". That's right, ... YOU! Get to know your reader or visitor. Determine the common style or tone you need to use to reach them.

Don't forget, they've come to your website to do something: make a purchase, obtain information, sign up for a subscription. Make sure every word you write moves your audience further toward your solution.

03 - Organize Yourself + Your Info.

Organize your information - everything you have to say, what you already twittered about for breakfast, the latest viral YouTube vid, the data for last night's algorithm tests. Start simple, then get to the details. There's no need to tell them everything all at once. There are times when there's quite a compelling amount of information behind the website's content, it makes sense to break it out into supplementary pages, or multi-part articles.

04 - Sell Benefits, Not Features.

Should the purpose of your website be to sell your products or services, it's in your best interests to write about your products' or services' benefits, and not about their features. A feature describes a product or service. A benefit is what the client, customer or consumer gains from using your product or service.

Don't say, "Our jackets are warm, comfortable and water-proof," say "You'll be warm, dry and comfortable in one of our jackets." Tell your customers how each product or service will make them happier, healthier, wealthier, sexier. Focus on making sure every line of your copy is dedicated to what's in it for the audience.

♦ Hiring Our Vancouver Website Copy-Writing + Content Development Professionals

At DDWM, writing website copy is selling in print. Therefore, its job is no different. In fact, since there's no human interaction you normally get in a face-to-face sales encounter, your copy's job has an even greater responsibility. It must communicate that same enthusiasm that energizes your prospects, excites them about your offering and empowers them to buy.

The previous Top Tips are simply a random sampling of what writing great copy really means to our Vancouver website copy-writers, and are part of a more comprehensive list of "suggested guidelines".

To learn more about our Vancouver website copy-writing services and how we can spice up your content for visitors and search engines alike, feel free to give us a call at 604.540.2348 or send us an email!