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Is your website unable to fulfill all of your online marketing objectives? Are you hoping to upgrade your website with a new look and feel? Have you tapped into the mobile device market with a dedicated mobile website, or are you considering a responsive web design? Let our Vancouver website redesign team help you make the right choices.

♦ Why Choose DDWM For Your Vancouver Website Redesign Project

You may have any number of reasons to redesign your Vancouver website. Before getting your hands dirty, ask yourself a few questions:

When it's about implementing new functionality, optimizing written copy, or integrating a more sophisticated, elegant look, you need our Vancouver website redesign professionals by your side.

♦ Being Careful When Redesigning Your New Website

When a site has an established audience, changing the design too drastically could be suicide for returning traffic. You simply do not want your established visitors to wonder if they've arrived at the wrong site. The old design shouldn't limit you creatively. Take a few key elements and make sure the new site is still recognizable.

Should the logo hold a strong brand following, it may very well carry the transition all by itself. Nevertheless, our Vancouver website re-design team looks to your old site for whichever visual elements may have become your site's brand. Keep an open mind. Your website's brand could be just about anything: the color scheme, typography, icons or photographs.

♦ Vancouver Website Converted To Content Management System

It's quite possible a simple implementation of an open source solution such as CMS Made Simple, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or Plone content management systems may be the prefect fit. These content management systems typically allow for far more direct control over your content and its distribution, should you wish to be more hands-on.

Our Vancouver website redesign team has created and released numerous eye-catching, functional applications using a combination of open source technologies such as MySQL databases in combination with server-side scripting languages such as PHP and/or Perl and other web technologies such as DOM, XML and XSL.

This combination allows for the functionality and scalability required to accommodate existing business demands as well as keeping an eye out for future growth and adaptability to potential custom requirements.

♦ Optimization + Re-Writing Your Website Copy

Effective website copy-writing begins with doing homework on your company's business philosophy, your products and/or services and your website goals. Then we target the most engaging and compelling words and phrases to drive clients' audiences from curiosity into action.

♦ Hiring Our Vancouver Website Re-Design Professionals

For over a decade, Digital Diamond Web Media has refined our Vancouver website redesign services from an art to a science. Conducting keyword research, examining competition analyses, using proven writing strategies and integrating white-hat optimization, our Greater Vancouver clients have gained considerably more attention than ever expected after our Vancouver website re-design team completed the task.

To learn more about our Vancouver website re-design services and how we can spice up your website and your content for visitors and search engines alike, be sure to give us a call at 604.540.2348 or email us!